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New Condo Deals


Axis condo is one of the new Condos developments by Centre Court development. The project is in its preconstruction stage whose completion date still unknown. The project is located at 422 Church St in Toronto. It is 1 minute walk away from 506 Carlton and 306 Carlton. The development is s a few meters away from Younge & College and is near many top amenities in Downtown Toronto.

If you are one of the investor looking for a new and exciting project, the Axis condos is certainly one of those condos you must watch. The condo is located in one of downtown area poised for massive growth in the near future. It is also located in a conducive environment for people looking for an ideal place in downtown where they can raise children.

The project will have 38 storeys with total of 541 units. Axis Condos will encompass both retail outlets and condos.  On completion, the 45 storeys building will have 583 residential units. And will be a few steps away from Ryerson and Toronto university subway.  It is situated closer to the major banks, Easton centre shopping centre, supermarkets and a Park. It is also close to Allan Gardens.


The proposed building will have a total floor area of 36,540 square meters and 515 square meters of dwelling units and commercial spaces respectively. It will also have sufficient loading spaces and about 104 parking spaces.  Being located at the corner of Wood and Church Streets, residents will have access to a playground facility located on the north side of Wood Street. They will also have access to Maple Leaf gardens and shop at the supermarket located at the heritage building

If you are an investor, Axis Condos presents to you an opportunity that can hardly be found in the wider Downtown Toronto.  Consider buying the Pre-Construction Axis Condos before it actually opens to the public.  The prices prior to the opening day of sales are low but they will be expected to go up by $10,000 and $20,000.  All you have to do is to register and get an opportunity to buy the condos at the lowest price before the sale is opened to the public.  In fact, by registering now, you gain the advantage of accessing the inventory’s best pick and you will certainly enjoy the best prices ever.