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Harmony Village

Harmony Village – Bringing The Art of Living Well to Toronto
Torontonians looking to simplify their lives and start enjoying the freedom they have earned from years of hard work finally have the turnkey solution they demand. Welcome to Harmony Village, the evolution of condominium living created by City Core Developments. The concept is simple: provide people with beautiful and well crafted homes that are part of an integrated community that provides a full range of amenities and services right on their doorsteps.

The first Harmony Village is now launching in Toronto, at Sheppard and Warden Avenues, offering buyers the opportunity to become part of a lifestyle concept that will revolutionize the real estate sector. Every element of architecture and design is focused on delivering living spaces that exceed all expectations for people looking to simplify their real estate needs with no compromises. Downsizing never felt so good.

Harmony Village Sheppard will set new standard in amenities and services. Our residents will be part of a robust community with all the comforts of home and much more. On-site shops and restaurants will cater directly to you. Exercise facilities will be designed specifically to the needs of people looking to remain healthy and active. Health and wellness services, a pharmacy and a 24-hour concierge ensure all your needs are met.

Jack Pong, president and CEO of City Core Developments, brought in the best architects, designers and planners to ensure his vision of the future of condo living exceeds all your expectations. Jack has worked tirelessly to pore over every single detail of design and construction plans to guarantee Harmony Village provides the ultimate in living for people who deserve to enjoy all life has to offer.

“Real estate developers do not understand the needs and aspirations of baby boom and senior generations, and I decided to lead by example by creating environment where likeminded people could come together in communities that celebrate life. From art classes and cooking classes to gardening and swimming, Harmony Village members can enjoy active and healthy lifestyles without having to leave home,” explains Jack. “Our extensive research showed that three in four Canadians who are 60 years and older believe sustaining an independent lifestyle is very absolutely vital as they enter retirement. We also learned that 85 per cent of these people wanted their next real estate purchase to be part of an urban village environment that included on-site amenities. So clearly there is an opportunity for me to develop a comprehensive living solution that exceeded all expectations, and that’s Harmony Village.”

To bring every day needs to residents door steps, the ground floor amenities will include a beautiful dining room featuring speciality foods and regular cooking demonstrations, as well as cappuccino bars and lounges. Residents will enjoy a swimming pool with generous areas to relax with friends and neighbours. Custom designed change rooms and steam showers add even more luxury. Gardeners will enjoy roof top planting beds and winter gardens. Community terraces with outdoor lounges and BBQs are perfect places for socializing and entertaining friends and family.

Residents of Harmony Village will also be invited to join the various fitness and lifestyle activities offered through the on-site St. Paul’s L’Amoureux Centre. This award winning facility specializes in providing services to encourage active physical and social lives. Activities include fitness classes, seminars, book and bridge clubs, as well as access to specially designed outdoor spaces. “Our partnership with St. Paul’s is an incredible opportunity to ensure Harmony Village is a vibrant and welcoming community that sets a standard for all others to follow,” adds Jack.

Our residents can also pride themselves in knowing that Harmony Village will be a leader in “green” living. Our designers and architects are incorporating the latest in sustainable and renewable systems, including geothermal air cooling technologies. The Toronto development will also include LEED Gold design standards. For example, buildings are designed to have three times the standard insulation as required, energy saving lighting, as well as systems that reuse and recycle organic waste using our urban gardening plots on rooftops. We will even offer bicycle rentals.


Harmony Village - Floorplans and Brochure

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