Howard Park 2

A community within a community

The two phases of Howard Park share a private communal space as their focal point. Inspired by traditional European courtyards, it’s a place where residents can chill, converse and interact with nature – and with their neighbours.


Designed by renowned Toronto landscape architects Ferris + Associates, the big, elegantly manicured space acts as refuge for the Howard Park community.


Sleek, contemporary seating invites you to sit down and read in the sun. Barbecues are readily available for a little warm-weather grilling – in f

act, the area is just right for impromptu parties and get-togethers. The courtyard is more than just a front lawn. It’s a unique entrance to a one-of-a-kind residence, designed to be used, shared and enjoyed.


The whole building is designed with the same friendly, interactive vibe. Welcoming public and amenities spaces invite conversation, interaction and human contact. 




 Brochure and Floorplans

Price List - Howard Park 2

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