TEAHOUSE Condos at 501 Yonge developer Lanterra Developments was established by Mark Mandelbaum and Barry Fenton, 2 realty visionaries who started with a dream to establish cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind downtown condo homes. Within a brief period of simply 10 years, they have actually charted an incredible success story on the Toronto horizon with one famous condo after another, scaling new heights in design, style and sophisticated metropolitan living. Their directing approach exceeds simply condo structure to vibrant metropolitan revitalization and putting Toronto on the international map as the new city of the future, with vivid master planned mixed use neighborhoods, sustainable green living and innovative ecological innovations.

Unique Features of 501 Yonge condos developer Lanterra Developments

Exactly what makes all 501 Yonge condos developer Lanterra Developments ‘s projects unique is that they all share a typical characteristic – each is a unique, one-of-a-kind landmark that sets a brand-new trend in metropolitan living, a new standard versus which all subsequent developments are determined.
Every Lanterra condo stands for the best mix of architecture, interior design, a superb choice of floor plans and suites and unsurpassable value – all which come together to provide the  finest homes in their class.
At Lanterra, everything begins with a master strategy. They take into consideration numerous aspects such as location, design, area amenities, environmental considerations to consider, existing and future transit alternatives, and far more. Each job is very carefully established, themed and marketed to fulfill the requirements of the targeted customer. From modern-day metropolitan downtown condos like Burano to aristocratic and extravagant homes like Riverhouse, they provide a special and unique address for each property buyer.

Prime Location

It’s frequently been stated that the most vital consider the purchase of a condo is location, location, location. At Lanterra, they site their condos in prime metropolitan locations typically near to the downtown core, where homeowners can walk to community stores and features.
Transit is a significant factor to consider, and the majority of their condos are located within a couple of minutes walk to the subway station. Neighboring art, culture and entertainment locations, theaters, galleries and galleries enhance metropolitan living, while parks add a touch of natural charm to the metropolitan.
Eventually, their master planned vision for the best condo is a varied, multicultural and lively neighborhood, served by effective public transit paths, revitalized with bountiful landscaping and green space, located near crucial metropolitan features and providing a dynamic street culture with pedestrian plazas, markets and even more.


Every project is various, with a convincing and distinct story to tell. At Lanterra Developments, they acknowledge this and make every effort to reveal this originality with cutting-edge architectural compositions that affect shape, type and visual geometry.
The iconic architecture that differentiates each job ends up being a landmark for the whole community, a desired address for its homeowners, and a center of attention for a lively metropolitan neighborhood that grows naturally as the city grows around it. For example, when it comes to One Bedford, award-winning architect Bruce Kuwabara pictured a gleaming stylish structure of limestone, precast and glass, increasing above an eight-storey podium along Bloor Street.
The architectural splendour of Murano is a combination of simpleness and design, advanced structure innovation and many of all, the motivation of the famous glassworks in Italy. Whether it’s the rising shapes of Ice or the clean crisp lines of 3018 Yonge, the spatial excellence of Burano or classic sophistication of Riverhouse, every Lanterra project is a glittering gem on the metropolitan Landscape.

Urban Design

They deal with metropolitan designers and leading-edge architects who take pride in visualizing new frontiers and new paradigms in structure design.
How a project matches the master vision of an area, how its shape and massing influences the metropolitan landscape, how design can be an effective force to revitalize a downtown district– these are simply a few of the crucial motorists behind a few of their well known projects.
From the slender sculpture of steel and precast that’s Maple Leaf Square to the lively metropolitan landmark of toy factory lofts, from the sheer glass artistry of Murano to the smooth scandinavian shapes of ice, they constantly keep forging ahead in metropolitan design. Commemorating Toronto’s withstanding interest for hockey, Maple Leaf Square includes a cutting edge sports lounge amongst its lots of impressive facilities. Treviso Condos at Dufferin and Lawrence is motivated by the charming vineyards and grand piazzas of Treviso in Italy.

Building Amenities

From the moment you enter a Lanterra condominium, you are transported to a realm of luxury and elegance, A sanctuary of leisure, design and comfort.
Their world-class amenities begin with the spectacular lobby, and reach beautiful landscaping, modern fitness centers, spa-inspired swimming pools and whirlpools, advanced home theater and media relaxes with remote wi-fi access, grand  party rooms  with sensational home entertainment space, catering cooking areas and bars, unbelievable outdoor patio areas with breathtaking views, and lots more.
The leisure choices are essentially unlimited improving the way of life of the locals and including value to their house and financial investment. Today, countless Lanterra property owners are living the dream and amusing loved ones with sophisticated club-style features that motivate mind, body and spirit.

Suite Interiors

Advanced, classy and contemporary, every Lanterra condo is the embodiment of clever metropolitan living.
Skillfully made with grace and flow, their condos are comfy and remarkable, lots of with balconies and balconies providing amazing views of the city horizon. The interiors are roomy, airy and intense, with superb functions like skyrocketing 9 foot ceilings, trendy laminate flooring and precise custom-made detailing throughout.
Open concept floorplans provide a lot of space to captivate and live.Bedrooms are sanctuaries of tranquil privacy, numerous showcasing extensive closets and sumptuous ensuites with spa-inspired functions for the utmost in indulging. Kitchens conjure up exquisite sensibilities with custom-crafted kitchen cabinetry, shining granite counters, eat-in breakfast areas, mood lighting and more.

Public Art

At Lanterra, they believe art is a party of the innovative spirit. At each of their condo neighborhoods, they have actually a specifically commissioned masterpiece, purposefully positioned in the lobby or the typical locations, for all the citizens to be and delight in influenced.
At their Murano condo, they commissioned globally popular artist Barbara Astman to develop the famous art work that’s embedded in the podium wall. It commemorates the legendary glass artistry of the island of Murano in Italy.
At Burano on Bay Street, the four-storey glass atrium residences a custom-designed art work by eminent artist Sandro Martini of Milan. Their Waterpark City neighborhood showcases an amazing art work made by the world-famous Vito Acconci. Their 39-storey tower at 18 Yonge Street is beautified with a distinct sculpture by the worldwide well-known Tom Otterness. With every brand-new condo they develop, they will certainly commission new public art that will certainly illustrate the lively, multicultural and varied values that has actually made Toronto a world-class city

Environmental Features

Numerous of their past and present condos provide sophisticated ecological functions that save energy and minimize expenses for the homeowners.
At all their sites, they are dedicated to sustainable structure innovations, reusing and waste decrease, and using environment friendly products and surfaces. Numerous of their condos feature green functions such as green roofing, energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, low VOC paints, natural flooring products, water-saving showerheads and toilets, therefore a lot more.
Condo living is greener than single household houses due to the fact that it has a smaller sized ecological effect, and takes less products and resources to build. Likewise, since a condo unit is usually surrounded by other units on 3 sides along with above and below, it takes less energy to heat and cool. They construct on these intrinsic benefits, and improve the quality of enduring using green products, innovations and surfaces. For eventually, it has to do with the sustainability of a place all of us call house– our Earth.

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